Deleted Scenes – experimental story at The New Flesh


My odd little piece (including “screen shots”) Deleted Scenes has been published in The New Flesh Magazine. Perhaps one of my oddest with, I hope, a good mix of humour and horror, but most hopefully something of a story in there. My thanks to the editors William Pauley III and Suzie Bradshaw (both of whom make appearances in the story – can you spot their roles?) for publishing this one. In all the craziness and bizarre at The New Flesh, it seems like the story has found a good home.

Bored Out Of My Skull link

My latest story published on line is here – Bored Out Of My Skull, on the ever-wonderful The New Flesh Magazine. This is quirky weird strange horror, perhaps humour bizarro. I don’t know, but it was a fun story to write.

Yes, it’s Thursday when I usually post about what I’m reading, but truly nothing much has changed since last Thursday – still deep in the heart of reading the tutoring manual and readings. Whew.

Bored Out Of My Skull – new story on The New Flesh Magazine tomorrow

A new story – “Bored Out Of My Skull” – is coming out on the The New Flesh Magazine on the 17th (okay, it’s already the 17th here in New Zealand, but I’ll post a proper link tomorrow).

Bored Out Of My Skull seems like a dopey title for a story – a total cliche and I do rail against using cliches. The story, however it is more literal – involving drills and helmets: the kind of thing that naturally finds a home at a place like The New Flesh which publishes flash fiction of the more bizarre and quirky kind. Originally I wrote the story with the cliche as a kicking off point, never thinking the title would stick.

This will be my third publication at The New Flesh, following the more literary “While He Lay Crumpled” and humourous “Submission”. Thanks to the editors Suzie and William for accepting my story.