Standalone Science Fiction Novels.
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Cami, Metta and The Cube

Cami Gretton, courier, entreprenuer and getaway artist, trusts too easily. When the simple job of delivering a hypergrid Testa Cube turns sour, Cami finds herself tangled in a double cross. Or a triple cross. Hard to tell.

Could even be worse.

Cami needs every skill in her possession to extricate herself. And then some.

[Quick read – 150 pages]

Athena Setting

Athena Setting cover final

Jess Candell loves the orbital runs between Jupiter’s moons. Even if Athena isn’t quite the right ship for the job.

In the Jovian system, when things go wrong, they go wrong fast. And bad. When it happens to Athena, she’s heading for a fiery plunge into Jupiter’s atmosphere.

With rescue ships days away, Jess will have to risk everything to save the survivors. If she can even find them.

The Cly front coverTony Brock saved humanity once. But in the mess, he lost his relationship with his daughter.

Now the Cly pose a new threat. A threat that might destroy the Earth itself. And the aliens won’t negotiate. So Brock’s back in the thick of it. Chasing them down, and chasing the faint hope of seeing Bex one more time.

An alien invasion novel with a difference.


Gretel (2)The colony ship Gretel is speeding for the stars. She’s supposed to be two light years away.

But she’s not.

The ship’s appeared in Saturn’s orbit. One distress call, then silence.

With his brother aboard Gretel, Karl Nathan’s got no choice but to break his promise to never go back to space. Saving the passengers and solving the mystery will take all his courage. And then some.

Hanging Vines

In a bizarre enclosed world, Alex Nightman flees iddleston’s thugs and mechanicals. All over a misunderstanding.

caught between the endless ceiling and the world’s wide ocean, Nightman needs his wits and every trick he can muster to stay out of reach.

Just the adventure for lovers of the worlds of Larry Niven and Karl Shroeder.



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