Hidden Dome Trilogy



Volume 1: The Tunnel

TheTunnelKelly Barton’s first offworld posting should have been easy. The research is winding down. It’s practically a caretaker role.

Except that the team have just discovered ruins. Alien. That’s about to change everything. Colonization plans for Mapinkura will have to be delayed.

But Sampang, the company funding the research, and the colonization, has too much at stake. They’re going to start construction anyway.

Whether the researchers are around or not.

Preferably not.

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Volume 2: The Deluge

The DelugeAfter corporate attempts to destroy Mapinkura’s hidden alien dome, Kelly Barton knows she and her team have got to move fast to get their research done before Sampang comes back in force.

With her team injured, the incessant rain which threatens to inundate the dome, and the wandering carnivores, Kelly’s got her work cut out for her.

ebook $5.99, print $15.99

Volume 3: The Eye

The EyeKelly Barton barely survived two attempts to destroy her team’s work on Mapinkura’s alien artifact. Now she’s starting from scratch.

Struggling to fathom the secrets of the dome, Kelly discovers it’s far more active than anyone believed. A mysterious ball of light confirms it.

And then the aliens arrive.

In the final volume of The Hidden Dome trilogy, Kelly’s trapped in a no win situation. Her last chance to reveal the secrets and make it home alive.

ebook $5.99, print $15.99

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