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Big sur final

Big Sur An Emily Jade Thriller

When the oversized launch founders on the Big Sur coast, dumping Emily Jade into the pounding surf, it’s just the start of her predicament. Her bounty, Tony Hesperan, outwits her, leaving his goons to hunt her down. She’ll have exploit every ounce of reserve she’s got to make it through the night. Especially when the lives of innocent bystanders are at stake.



ice fracture 2 Ice Fracture A Jonas Gessen Thriller

Ron Wilder’s Gulfstream flames out over a remote Norwegian lake. He’s got a prisoner on board and his routine flight just turned into the worst day of his life. Sheriff Jonas Gessen can only hope to pick up the pieces. If he can keep everyone alive.





the room pod 6x9 5The Room A Supernatural Thriller

Deaths haunt Kate’s dreams. Always different, but always her niece and nephew. Troubled, she’s struggling to paint. With an exhibition coming up, her boyfriend Tim suggests getting away on an artist’s retreat. But the dreams become deeper and deeper. When Kate finds out she’s not the only one with haunted dreams, she’s caught in a race against a demon.






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