Captain Arlon Stoddard Adventures

Space adventure the way it was meant to be

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For fans of Gregory Kern, Jack McDevitt, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, John Scalzi, Alastair Reynolds…

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Asteroid Jumpers

Asteroid jumpers 2018 thmCaptain Arlon Stoddard’s ageing ship the Luminou closes in on one of the Crespin system’s asteroids. Hunting for fugitives in a protected dome.

But what Arlon and his crew find will stretch their resources to the very breaking point. Fugitives become the least of their problems.

Arlon needs to figure this out. Fast. The lives of his crew hang in the balance.

Filled with rip-roaring adventure and complex intrigue, the Captain Arlon Stoddard novels cover it all.

Ice Hunters

ice hunters thumb 61121Tracking and monitoring on Ardecelle–a deep frozen planet far from any sign of civilization–should be straightforward for experienced researchers like Commander Bea Calder and her tough crew. Getting lost should never happen.

With failing equipment and lost communications they need urgent help. Which is where Captain Arlon Stoddard and his crew should be able to help.

But then, Ardecelle has a few surprises of its own.

With death, danger and disaster, the Captain Arlon Stoddard stories have it all. Ice Hunters finds the captain and his crew focusing on a small important task the might just hold revelations for the whole of human occupied space.

Ship Tracers

ship tracers thumb 61121Finding killers hiding among the crevices and crags of cold dead asteroids challenges Captain Arlon Stoddard’s crew in whole new ways.
Far out in the Corrin system, the asteroid Nankong has thousands of hiding places. Locating the culprits will take all their skills and test their wits.

Especially when the asteroid deals out a surprising detail about how many people it has hidden away.

Mystery and adventure and exotic locales, the Captain Arlon Stoddart stories have it all. “Ship Tracers” expands the tale of the crew into whole new territories.

Desert Creepers

desert creepers thumb thumb 61121Captain Arlon Stoddard, hero of the spaceways, tackles anything thrown his way. Even simple mysteries on backwater planets, like Souoria.

Meanwhile, Emme Jonette, vagabond, opportunist, thief, roves Souoria’s scorching desert hunting down mythical Zeytana artifacts. With even more desperate thieves on her tail.

Simple mysteries can turn into collision courses with devastating consequences.

Core Runners

core runners thumb 61121A missing ship. A distressed mother. A planet of mystery.

The disappearance of the Astro Astoria challenges the capabilities of Captain Arlon Stoddard and his crew in new and desperate ways.

Finding the ship, and the familes aboard takes every resource they have.

And More.

Another thrilling installment in the exciting Captain Arlon Stoddard series. Space adventure at its best.

Underworld Climbers

underworld climbers thumb 61121

Locating a threat in the deep underground of Gorgon’s bar in the hidden city of Braigh, Captain Arlon Stoddard and his team take their assignment with dead seriousness.

But when a mountain-sized guy walks in, bulging with muscle enhancements and eyes laser-locked on Arlon, all bets are off.

Filled with rip-roaring adventure and complex intrigue, the Captain Arlon Stoddard adventures cover it all.

Island Hoppers

Arriving on Melle, a planet covered in vast oceans, hundreds of archipelagoes and entirely lacking continents, the crew know they have their work cut out for them.

With conflicting jurisdictions, megalomaniac leaders and a mysterious ruin, the planet presents exactly the kinds of problems the crew specializes in. Impossible ones.

But betrayal from an unexpected quarter throws them into a desperate battle for their lives.

A battle that might just have Melle reveal her secrets.

Mist Drifters

Captain Arlon Stoddard and his tireless crew patrol the spaceways.

Unexplained deaths on the planet Hanshirr stretch the local investigators to their limits. Arlon and the crew find themselves in a race to save lives. With virtually no clues.

Because the layers of appearances and deception pit them between the obvious and the hidden.

Another pacey adventure in the Captain Arlon Stoddard series.

Dead Ringers

On his last day alive, Gus Caleb sits alone in a bar. Quiet place. No problems. Until problems show up.

Called to the Colston Ring, an alien artifact thousands of years old and inhabited by generations of human colonists, Captain Arlon Stoddard and his crew find the local authorities in disarray. Attempting to decode the background to a rash of strange disappearances makes the job near impossible.

When the crew begin uncovering the mystery, the things they find might just change everything for the millions of inhabitants of the ring.

More than anyone knows.

A Captain Arlon Stoddard novel that pushes the series into new directions. A must for fans and great place to jump in fresh.


Tramp Steamers

Planet Ulshene’s unique trading culture takes some getting used to. Steamers ply the skies, skimming over the endless prairie.

Barl Brennan rates his skills as a crewman. But without a job, he faces a tough choice. One that challenges his very core values.

Edmond Steverin always drives a hard bargain. He knows desperation when he sees it.

Captain Arlon Stoddard and his crew slip undercover and find themselves tipped into a world filled with intrigue, betrayal and deception.

Can they survive the complex interlinked web of easy deceit and mortal danger?


Short stories and novellas

Sea Skimmers – a Captain Arlon Stoddard short story

Experienced Captain Ulliana Alvis loves skimming above the forty-five hundred kilometer stretch of the Tegh Sea. Her vessel the Mourave carries fifty passengers in safety and comfort. The calm of the water always reassures and moves her at once.

But safety can be an illusion.

A Captain Arlon Stoddard short story that pits the crew against cascading events and into a desperate attempt to save lives.

A great place to jump in if you’re new to the series, and a wonderful addition for fans.

Ortanide Steppers – a Captain Arlon Stoddard novella

Ortanide. A planet with a unique geography, a rich history and a strange political system.

A political system that defies Captain Arlon Stoddard and his crew.

Restrained in a dank cell by the very people he came to help, Arlon faces the choice of violating the charters he works to uphold.

Or certain death.

A Captain Arlon Stoddard Novelette that pits the crew against possibly their most heinous foe yet.

Anthology Appearance:

Dark Behemoth in Ship Of Horrors

A Manifest of Nightmares

edited by C.T. Dickons

(cover and links coming)

Book blurb:

Killer plagues. Carniverous flora. Eldritch abominations and grotesque monstrosities. Bringing together fifteen incident reports from a variety of authors: SHIP OF HORRORS presents a frightening glimpse of all the horrible things lurking in, and beyond, the void.

Because the UCF Carcosa has been found.

Derelict and adrift in space, the ship’s only communication is a single, repeating plea that echoes across the dark stars: “Leave us be. For god’s saks, run away.”

Dark Behemoth is my contribution – and it plunges Arlon and the crew deep into new territory, and dangers never faced before.