Karnish River Navigations

Karnish River Navigations series. Available in print and as ebooks.

Battle weary after years of interstellar war, Flis Kupe returns home to the quiet peaceful Karnish canal lands on Paulding, her home world. Turns out, times change. The turmoil of pirates, brigands and low lives shatters the peace. All too often.

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Arlchip Burnout

Flis Kupe only wants to quit her life enduring the horrors of the interstellar war. Even willing to burn out her embedded arlchip. The device that pumps her miliary talents to the absolute limit.

At a cost.

Ready to return to a simple life, a cryptic message from her brother Bryce on Paulding throws her plans into disarray. A boarding by merciless river pirates thrusts Flis into a desperate race to make it home. A race that become deadly.

Cover Art: © Haotian (Flis) / Bertrandb (Background) | Dreamstime.com

Canal Days

Flis Kupe and Grae Sinder. Former interstellar soldiers. A great investigative team. Even in those moments of running for their lives. Running hard.

Caught in a mystery that could bring down multi-planetary companies, Flis and Grae must dodge pirates and cops to find the truth.

A truth that comes with a price.
A Karnish River Navigations novel that takes you right back to the adventure of the canals.

Cover Art: © Elisanth | Dreamstime.com (figure), © Patrik Ružič | Dreamstime.com (background)

Eastern Foray

A day learning to fly the giant Alman-Kruder aircraft over the canal lands gives investigator Flis Kupe the chance to unwind after some tough assignments. Should be fun

When someone fires a smart missile at her it kind of changes her day.

A whole lot.

And as Flis and fellow investigator Grae begin unraveling the mystery, missiles might become the least of their concerns.

Another episode in the thrilling Karnish River Navigations science fiction series that asks the question: who can we trust?

Cover Art: © Philcold | Dreamstime.com (figure), © Patrik Ružič | Dreamstime.com (background)

Guest House Izarra

On a picturesque backwater, the Guest House Izarra makes the perfect getaway from the city hubbub and river pirates.

An overdue break for investigators Flis Kupe and Grae Sinder.

But with someone siphoning off the cashflow the establishment faces ruin.

A nasty situation.

But a simple investigation job for Flis and Grae.

Couldn’t be better.

When pirates arrive and turn things upside down, the simple investigation turns deadly.

Another pacy episode in the thrilling Karnish River Navigations series.

Jackpot Kingdom

The city of Turneith. Right at the edge of the ancient canal lands. Beautiful. Teeming. Dangerous.

Survival goes to those with the sharpest wits.

When an illegal gambling operation turns deadly, investigators Flis and Grae find themselves caught in a whirlwind of intrigue.

A Karnish River Navigations novel from the author of Athena Setting.


Liquid Machine – February 2023

A little minder job, watching a dignitary’s child, should be a simple payday for Flis Kupe and Grae Sinder. Sometimes their little investigations business needs the peace and quiet. Sometimes it needs the money.

But when the job turns sour, Flis and Grae might just find themselves in the firing line.

A Karnish River Navigations novel that changes everything.


Night Operations

Jimra Jeffs’ blood contains secrets. Flis Kupe knows that finding the AWOL soldier should be easy money for a skilled investigator. But Jimra knows how to hide.

In the depths of a Karnish night, Flis and her offsider Grae face the challenge of bringing their quarry in, when they’re not the only ones looking.

A Karnish River Navigations novel from the author of Athena Setting.

Cover Art: © 1971yes | Dreamstime.com


Persephone Quest

The deep space battleship Persephone Quest crashed on Paulding’s surface centuries back. Leaving behind a monument and nothing much else.

When people start asking the wrong questions, Flis and Grae find themselves tangled in a tangled and tightening web of deception and corruption.

Only one person has the answers. The pilot of Persephone Quest herself.

Big problem. The pilot died in the wreck. Three hundred years ago.

Rorqual Saitu

When Kumi Saitu’s difficult mission to wrest vital data from Hundstein’s criminal network almost kills her, she faces a critical decision.

The maelstrom of danger and intrigue draws in Kumi’s old friends, Flis and Grae.

Facing an ancient harvester and a far-reaching illicit web, they must fight the clock to set things right.

Might they have met their match?


cover art: © MerryDesigns | Dreamstime.com (Flis), © Bianca Van Dijk from | Pixabay (Rorqual), © Bertrandb | Dreamstime.com (Background)

Tombs Under Vaile

The giant stone block of Vaile Max prison stands on the Karnish plains. Impregnable and escape-proof.

Prisoner Cole Dugald waits, release imminent. He wants no trouble. But when authorities demand help from investigator Flis Kupe, trouble looms.

For everyone.

On a collision course with deadly psychopaths, Cole and Flis must team up to survive. A Karnish River Navigations novel that expands the world with unexpected revelations.