Karnish River Navigations

Karnish River Navigations series. Available in print and as ebooks.ab-cover
The series so far:

Arlchip Burnout
Night Operations
Canal Days
Guest House Izarra
Persephone Quest
Tombs Under Vaile (coming 2018)

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ab cover.jpgArlchip Burnout

Flis Kupe only wants to quit her life enduring the horrors  of the interstellar war. She’s even willing to burn out her  embedded arlchip. The device pumps her miliary talents to the absolute limit. At a cost.

Ready to return to a simple life, a cryptic message from her brother Bryce on Paulding throws her plans into disarray.

A boarding by merciless river pirates thrusts Flis
into a desperate race to make it home. Aided
by the mysterious Grae, her band of survivors
struggle through the wilds, the pirates hounding  every step.

When the pirates uncover Bryce’s secret, the race becomes more than frantic.

It becomes deadly.

Cover Art: © Kuan Leong Yong | Dreamstime.com


no cover.jpgNight Operations

Jimra Jeffs’ blood contains secrets. Flis Kupe knows that finding the AWOL soldier should be easy money for a skilled investigator. But Jimra knows how to hide.

In the depths of a Karnish night, Flis and her offsider Grae face the challenge of bringing their quarry in, when they’re not the only ones looking.

A Karnish River Navigations novel from the author of Athena Setting.

Cover Art: © 1971yes | Dreamstime.com


cd cover.jpgCanal Days

Flis Kupe and Grae Sinder, former interstellar soldiers, make a great investigative team. When they’re not running for their lives.

Caught in a mystery that could bring down multi-planetary companies, Flis and Grae must dodge pirates and cops to find the truth.

A Karnish River Navigations novel that takes you right back to the adventure of the canals.

Cover Art: © Elisanth | Dreamstime.com (figure), © Patrik Ružič | Dreamstime.com (background)


guest-house-izarra-draft-thumbnail-borderGuest House Izarra

On a picturesque backwater, the Guest House Izarra makes the perfect getaway from the city hubbub and river pirates. Even if someone is siphoning off the cashflow. A simple investigation job for Flis and Grae. Couldn’t be better. But when pirates arrive and turn things upside down, the simple investigation turns deadly.






Persephone Quest (2)Persephone Quest

The deep space battleship Persephone Quest crashed on Paulding’s surface centuries back. The history books closed long ago. Leaving behind a monument and nothing much else. When people start asking the wrong questions, Flis and Grae find themselves tangled in a tangled and tightening web of deception and corruption. Only one person has the answers. The pilot of Persephone Quest herself. .