Cole Wright Thrillers

New for 2022 – An adventure thriller, mystery series.

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For fans of David Baldacci, James Patterson, Russell Blake, Tracey Clark, Candace Fox…

The Arrival – A Cole Wright thriller

Arrival ebook thumbWorn, battered and bruised from years as a cop, Cole Wright wants a moment of peace.

But the Spokane locals have other plans for his vacation sabbatical.

And Wright just has to stick his nose in, whether wanted or not.

ebook $5.99

print $15.99

hardback $19.99

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Measured Aggression – A Cole Wright thriller

Measured Aggression thumbThe sign at the edge of town announces it as Cooperville, Pop 3516. Small town. Big problems.

Passing through, Cole Wright just wants a meal and to get back on the road. Always happy to have a nice meal. Always happy to avoid problems.

Sometimes, though, problems just demand attention.

ebook $5.99

print $15.99

hardback $19.99

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Hide Away – A Cole Wright thriller

Hide Away thumbCole Wright sits in a sparkling bright Route 66 themed diner in a small Montana town. Kind of town you could walk side to side in five minutes and leave behind.

In the mountains nearby, Joe Bridger consults his phone. Any moment and he will get the go ahead. A simple job.

He can get out of the snow and grab himself a meal.

The two should never meet. No need to.

Practically nothing in common.

Wright finds himself on a collision course. Suits him just fine.

ebook $5.99

print $15.99

hardback $19.99

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July 20th 2022 – Slow Burn – A Cole Wright thriller

Cole Wright heads for Spokane. A simple trip. Back roads. Quiet towns.

But when one of those quiet towns proves to be anything but, Wright finds himself unable to stand aside.

ebook $5.99

print $15.99

hardback $19.99

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September 20th 2022 – Scorpion Bait – A Cole Wright thriller

Scorpion Bait thumbJerome Miller lies in scorching, gritty sand, staring up out of the rugged ditch. Bleeding and broken.

The start of a very bad day, for him.

Cole Wright hitches into the town of Gollick, Arizona. Somewhere between Tuscon and Yuma. Looking for a good meal and maybe a bed for the night.

Not looking for trouble.

Sometimes, though, trouble hides away in those out of the way places. Sometimes trouble just finds him.

Sometimes Wright just meets it head on.


December 20th 2022 – Zero Kills – A Cole Wright thriller

Zero Kills thumb

Back in Spokane, Washington, Cole Wright just wants to rest up. Take a weight off his feet for a while.

Get away from finding himself in trouble.

But then, trouble has a way of finding him.

And that might just turn his plans inside out.


Short Stories

Dark Fields – A Cole Wright Short Story – a great way to test out the series with a quick read – $2.99 ebook / $5.99 print – link here.

dark fields 21121 ebook thumbSouth Dakota. Sunset. One dark day in July, Brad crashes his busted light plane in a dusty cornfield. Not great for his weekend plans. Not great for anything.

Passing by, Cole Wright stops to lend a hand. Which might just plunge them both into something more dangerous than plane wrecks.

A standalone Cole Wright story.

Schedule Interruption – A Cole Wright Short Story – a good way to dip into the series with a quick read – $2.99 ebook / $5.99 print – link here.

On his way toward Spokane, Cole Wright rides a rickety old bus. Local service. Regular schedule. Few passengers. Small town to small town. Heartland people.

Wright plans to pick up the long distance service when the bus reaches the freeway.

Plans, though, have a way of getting interrupted.

A standalone Cole Wright story that comes right down to good people in tough circumstances.

The Forest Doesn’t Care – A Cole Wright Short Story – a good way to dip into the series with a quick read – $2.99 ebook / $5.99 print. Universal book link here.

Charlie and Suze just want a quiet, relaxing hike through Crater Top park. A beautiful, tranquil and hidden in the mountains.

Helping out with the park’s trails, Cole Wright enjoys the change. The chance to do something different.

No one expects trouble. Not way out there.

But then, trouble has a way of showing up.

The Handler – A Cole Wright Short Story – Free to read on this website for a week or so from July 4th 2022.

The mugging happens so fast that Marc barely has time to react.

For Marc and Sonia, a trip to Spokane means visiting family, a little shopping and some eating out. Not having someone accost them in the street.

When Cole Wright happens by, things might just take a different turn.