Standalone Thrillers

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Taken by Surprise  – details coming


The Courier – A High Tech Thriller

High-level investigations to mid-grade security to bottom of the barrel courier jobs. Hap Thorne takes on anything. Bills to pay. Creditors to avoid.

But when a no-questions-asked job comes up, Hap starts rethinking his policy. Worst part of town. A troubling package. And someone in pursuit.

Tangled in a world of trouble, pushed to the edge, Hap faces some serious choices. Maybe even the life and death kind.

A Near Future thriller from the author of Glass Bay and The Room.

Rotations  – details coming

Cover coming

Ice Fracture A Jonas Gessen Thriller

Ron Wilder’s Gulfstream flames out over a remote Norwegian lake. He’s got a prisoner on board and his routine flight just turned into the worst day of his life. Sheriff Jonas Gessen can only hope to pick up the pieces. If he can keep everyone alive.

The Room 12921 ebook thumb

The Room A Supernatural Thriller

Deaths haunt Kate’s dreams. Always different, but always her niece and nephew. Troubled, she’s struggling to paint. With an exhibition coming up, her boyfriend Tim suggests getting away on an artist’s retreat. But the dreams become deeper and deeper. When Kate finds out she’s not the only one with haunted dreams, she’s caught in a race against a demon.

Amazon – ebook $5.99, print $19.99, also available from Smashwords, Kobo, Nook, Apple books, etc.

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