Sean Monaghan is a New Zealand-based writer. His books include Rotations from Lucky Bat Books as well as the young adult novel Habitat and the flash fiction collections Lizard Brain and The Vampire Gustav at the End of the Universe.


10 thoughts on “About

  1. Shauna

    Dear Sean, I am interviewing Australian authors active in 2015-2016 for Aussie Snapshot 2016 and wanted to ask if you like to be involved. If you could direct me to a contact form or email, I can send you the query. Kind regards, Shauna O’Meara.

  2. Sean Monaghan Post author

    Hi Agnes – thanks for the note, and apologies for the delay in replying. I think you may have the wrong Sean Monaghan – My Dad’s not John, and he didn’t work at Clerys 🙂

  3. Geoff Hart

    Just read and enjoyed “Billows of Sarto”. Madame and I also have a love of volcanoes, which we’ve visited in southeastern Australia (a caldera national park whose name eludes me), Japan (Fuji), Hawaii (Kilauea and Kilauea Iki, plus a rarely visited lava tube on the slope of Mauna Kea), Italy (Aetna and Stromboli), and Iceland (Eyja and the Andaman islands). Stromboli at sunset, during a mild eruption, was probably the peak experience (pun not intended), but spending an hour soaking in the ambience at the bottom of Kilauea Iki comes a close second. My brother has the best souvenir, namely a pair of sneakers he melted climbing Anak Krakatau. Apparently it’s a family thing. Best wishes for future fictions — and volcanoes!

    1. Sean Monaghan Post author

      Thanks Geoff. Sorry for the late reply :-).
      I’m envious of your visit to Aetna and Stromboli, and those others. I did see Fuji in the distance from a train as I travelled south. You’ve certainly got around a whole lot of places.

  4. Bryan Duke

    Hey Sean, I just read “The Molenstraat Music Festival” Asimov’s September 2015. I had to reach out and let you know that your story moved me to tears more than once. What a delightful and most powerful story. The relationship of Clancy and Eleanor I completely related to. Being a musician and lover of classical music, the aspect of losing one’s passion to gain some sort of proficiency was also most intriguing. Thanks for a thoroughly enjoyable read!


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