Collection: Brickworks and ... Sorry Walrus!

When I was writing the story ‘Brickworks’, Kalie’s Sorry Walrus! shirt jumped out at me. I liked Kalie’s character, and I felt that she grew through the story. She was forthright and quirky and I liked her sense of style. And you know what? I decided that I wanted a Sorry Walrus! shirt for myself.

In the same way as it’s possible to get a single one of my books printed especially for a reader, now it’s possible to get a single shirt printed especially for a wearer (does that work? If a reader reads a book, does a wearer wear a shirt? It sounds awkward).

So on this page, a range of Kalie’s Sorry Walrus! items, and the story as an ebook.

My apologies to some of my readers, as the physical products ship only to the U.S. for the moment.


Brickworks and ... Sorry Walrus!