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Free fiction – new horror flash at Flashes in the Dark

My story “Antigen” has just been published at the fabulous Flashes in the Dark website. That’s pretty cool because it’s been a while since I’ve had a story there. Lately, as I’ve mentioned, I’ve been focusing on longer stories. Flash fiction is still fun. And “Antigen” does have a lot in common with many of my longer stories – multiple viewpoints, separated scenes, and I hope a dash of humour in with the action.

Here’s how it opens.

Bill McKinnis slammed the door shut and leaned against it, breathing hard. The key was in the desk but Hank was right behind him.


Thanks to editor Lori Titus for taking the story. Check out Lori’s writing, both at the site and at Amazon – as well as editing, she’s a stunning writer.


Vampire Gustav … into Annual Review Editor’s Choice

My story The Vampire Gustav at the End of the Universe published in Bewildering Stories, and already selected for their final quarter 2009 quarterly review, has also been selected in their Annual Review 2009 Editors’ Choices, issues 319 – 365. This was one of my least plot-driven stories of the year, so I’m pleased and honoured that it’s being selected for these reviews.

Vampire Gustav … in quarterly best

My story “The Vampire Gustav at the End of the Universe” has been selected as part of the Bewildering Stories Quarterly Best (fourth quarter, issues 355-365). I’m pretty honoured – especially since “Gustav” is one of my strangest tales (actually, that’s probably what makes it a good fit for Bewildering Stories).