Flat out, but posted a new poem

This is just a progress update, I guess. Marking is in full swing with the courier dropping off early papers to grade. I’m busy writing parts two and three (and four?) of a serial for a publisher who’s interested in seeing where the part one led (and now I’m surprised by how big it’s growing). I’m also drafting a few flash stories, and have some longer drafts I’m coming back to for revision.

Meanwhile I’ve just put a new flash (ie written fast with minimal revision) poem up on the Undead Poets Society – read it here: Silver Bullet Blues.

Seducer poem

I’ve put a “flash” (as in written really fast, minimal editing) poem – Medusa Medusa at the Undead Poets Society site. I couldn’t help riffing on the same ideas and cadence and have just “flashed” this one up too. I guess it’s kind of related to the UDPS one …

Sensual Medusa
would you accuse her
or bind her and braid her?
Could you mislay her
misplace her

your well hidden
mirrored, uncertain
uncoiling her lies
succumb to her treasure
between glistening lights
slice off her head
to put her to bed

These are both pretty loose and rough. Perhaps one day I’ll pull the pair apart and make something more worthy from the broken remains of both. So much writing to do …

Two new Fibonacci Sequence Poems

Two of my untitled “Fibs” have just come out. One [Childless Couple] in issue #6 of Muse Pie Press’s journal The Fib Review, and the other [Thin] on the Undead Poets site.

A Fibonacci poem is based on the Fibonacci sequence, with lines of 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8 syllables. The main page of the Fib Review explains it much better than I can. The device makes for some neat poems, and some of the other wonderful poets in the current Fib Review are doing some mind-bending stuff with it – check out Horns by Mark Arvid White – extraordinary.