angles-moire video on YouTube

I’ve put up a new Venus Vulture video on YouTube . It’s a more blocky thing than the earlier videos, with some drum patterns built across the drifty soundscape.

Moire patterns (there’s an acute over the e, and I guess there’s some way to put that on here, but I can’t figure it) are interference patterns created by intersecting sets of lines – say when you’re passing a wire fence and the lines of another fence beyond interact to create highlights and lowlights. In the video the striations on the blocks seem to bend a flicker a little as the pixels of the image can’t quite manage to show the details. Some artifacts from various compressions through the process, but still intriguing.

Great News – Forgotten Trees as a book!

I had some poems I’d been working on and I’ve decided to make Forgotten trees into a three-level piece: music, graphics and text.  There will be a 100 page book of photos and poems to complement the CD.  Get both, read the book and look at the photos (which are new, not available electronically through the website) and listen to the music in the background (with a cup of herbal tea, perhaps).  Intended release date is April 19th – at the moment just working through a sizing problem with the CD tray insert.

Forgotten Trees tracklist and cover ready

Sassere - Forgotten Trees

This is the cover.

I’ve finalised the tracks for the album too – here is the list.

1. If ever we encountered birds 4.03
2. Ahead, a clearing 0.19
3. In the distance, chainsaws? 4.06
4. A meadow, a stream, a spiderweb 7.52
5. Near dusk, a campsite 7.52
6. We thought we saw a rainbow 0.55
7. Dawn, new life 7.32
8. Distant smoke, a logging camp? 11.34
9. Ahead, another clearing 1.20
10. Follow the streambed 4.12
11. Forest edge, cities 11.36

Track 7 contains samples from Suicide (ft Hannah Harniss), 2008 Hannah_da_masta
Licensed to the public under

Check the website for more details about the release.

Currents CDs arrived

The first shipment of the Venus Vulture Currents CDs arrived yesterday and they look great.  I’ll spend the next week or so getting the sets prepared, then make them available from the website. I’ll put a photo up of how the set will look – slim DVD case, two disks and a photoset.