My schedule for LexiCon

Lexicon header

This year I’m attending two full days of the New Zealand Science Fiction Convention, LexiCon, in Taupo. I’m honored to have been asked to sit on two panels.

The State of Genre Publishing. Discussing the various publishing options for authors: traditional publishers, small presses, self publishing and more. With Marie Hodgkinson, Darian Smith, Sean Monaghan, and Leigh K Hunt.
Sat 9am in Hine-i-tīweka (Jupiter)

Hard SF – Where Engineers Go To Die… and how to open it up for the rest of us. With Art Protin, Sean Monaghan and Mark English.
Sun 5pm in Matawhero (Mars)

I’m looking forward to the convention and getting time to hang out with old friends.



A music interlude

With all my focus on being a pulp fiction writer these days, on occasion I neglect the music side. Many years ago, unable to find enough ambient music to listen to while writing, I began making my own. Most of it was pretty awful – not even listenable by me – but some of it was okay. Over time, I got better too. Even to the point that some of my music has been released on some netlabels and has been played on the radio and by DJs. (This is also the reason why the blog URL is venusvulturenews – the music comes out under the moniker Venus Vulture, and music was why I first started the blog). It’s been a while since Pylon Suite came out on Zenapolae, but it was cool to see it very positively reviewed recently on acts of silence. I am slowly working on new music, but it’s more sporadic these days: more will definitely be coming.

Pylon Suite is about 40 minutes long and is intended to be background music while doing more concentrated activities (such as writing). It’s a free download.

Nice review of Signal Artifacts – in Portuguese

I came across this review of Signal Artifacts on the jazz e arredores site. I don’t speak Portuguese, but thanks to google translate, this is a rough English approximation:

The New Zealand photographer and sound artist Sean Monaghan invites us to a dive in the depths of the yawning abyss electronically, through Signal Artifacts. After gentle descent, began to settle the outlines of the moving image, in between which is worrying desvendam pathways of serenity. The vehicle’s dispatch, which links the different stations between the departure and arrival, the drone is bright, dotted with glitch, sounds of strings and pieces of occasional noise. Signal Artifacts from Venus Vulture, also known as Sean Monaghan, from the German netlabel Resting Bell. MP3 download with CD Edition limited to 25 copies.

Signal Artifacts reviews

A couple of users have reviewed Signal Artifacts – one postive, one not so much – nice to have a balance:

Reviewer: brian’sworld – – December 2, 2008
Subject: hmmm
just not really there for me. not a lot happens – yes, i know its ambient. tonally ok but in terms of interesting development it is lacking. not quite up to his standard nor resting bells.

Reviewer: junbuggy – – November 13, 2008
Subject: high quality
another high quality release and a really rather lovely and interesting addition to the Resting Bell catalogue.