Paleocene Palecopeia.mp3 – Venus Vulture track on Reverbnation

I’ve uploaded a little noodling to the Venus Vulture Reverbnation site – just some drones with a few processed guitar sounds (and those inevitable field recordings) – as part of the 2010 music project. A shade under three minutes long.

Download the track – yes, Paleocene is a real word, Palecopeia is made up. More on that later.

See, stream and/or download the full list of 2010 tracks here.

New Venus Vulture track available

I’ve joined reverbnation to use their promotional tools – especially the widgets that can be embedded on other sites. Now I need to figure out how the embedding works … at the moment the link on the top right should be a little media player, but I can only get the line to work. I’ve uploaded a new ambient track on my page there – Tolela visiting the ghost July 1913. Have a listen, become a fan (as I type this, you would become my number 1 fan).