Zencast 012 – mix by Venus Vulture

Zenapolae is a netlabel that releases a range of ambient and experimental music. They also have regular ‘Zencasts’ of hour-long mixes of tracks from the label and from other netlabels.

Recently I completed a mix exclusively made up from Zenapolae releases and it’s available from Zenapolae as Zencast 012 – you can download it here. The mix is a very blended piece, using long sections of various tracks overlaid with long sections of others.

1. Todd Christopher – aurumplateau
2. Saffron Slumber – Of Ice, Water, and Steam
3. Petal – Meridian
4. Ingredient – Striations
5. zenasprime – esion2 (edit)
6. Maszyna 01 – kosmos
7. d/form – 00:11:59::00:21:15
8. Petal – Occlusion
9. lolpix – Ephialtes
10. Weird Fields – Carousel
11. Raumwerk – Mitte (edit)
12. AmgSphont – zatpacu
13. Instruction Shuttle – Further Adrift
14. d/form – 00:51:09::00:60:00
15. Saffron Slumber – Of Ice, Water, and Steam


Signal Resolutions 11 August 2008 on lakaFILZ Resting Bell web mix

I don’t know much about this but there’s a very cool tribute to the Resting Bell netlabel including a Venus Vulture track. Listen online here


The Way Up To The Hill (Mensa – Southern Recordings)
Dream Of The Lighthouse Keeper (Astrowind – Der Leuchtturm)
The Clifts (Mensa – Southern Recordings)
Listless is more (Offthesky – Rare Decay)
0Forest At The Edge Of The Endless Fields (Astrowind – Der Leuchtturm)
Signal resolutions – 11 August 2008 (Venus Vulture – Signal Artifacts)
4.0 (Glenn Ryszko – 4.0 subtle distorted guitar drones)
1.0 (Glenn Ryszko – 4.0 subtle distorted guitar drones)
Libau (Astrowind – Der Leuchtturm)
Iside outside corners (Offthesky – Rare Decay)