Forgotten Trees tracklist and cover ready

Sassere - Forgotten Trees

This is the cover.

I’ve finalised the tracks for the album too – here is the list.

1. If ever we encountered birds 4.03
2. Ahead, a clearing 0.19
3. In the distance, chainsaws? 4.06
4. A meadow, a stream, a spiderweb 7.52
5. Near dusk, a campsite 7.52
6. We thought we saw a rainbow 0.55
7. Dawn, new life 7.32
8. Distant smoke, a logging camp? 11.34
9. Ahead, another clearing 1.20
10. Follow the streambed 4.12
11. Forest edge, cities 11.36

Track 7 contains samples from Suicide (ft Hannah Harniss), 2008 Hannah_da_masta
Licensed to the public under

Check the website for more details about the release.

Currents CDs arrived

The first shipment of the Venus Vulture Currents CDs arrived yesterday and they look great.  I’ll spend the next week or so getting the sets prepared, then make them available from the website. I’ll put a photo up of how the set will look – slim DVD case, two disks and a photoset.