Writing on … love to be busy

Well, with the excitement of the publication of the first part of my novel still hovering, I found loads of energy over the weekend to write.

I got busy with my dieselpunk serial. I completed the tidied up the ending of the first draft last night. I will work on a couple of other stories over the next few days, then tear into revisions on the dieselpunk piece. Somehow in the midst of that I managed a rough cover for my Lame Goat Press chapbook – more on that later this week.

I’m having another quick retreat in a couple of weeks – heading away for three nights in a cabin: just me and the laptop. I’ve got a bunch of outlines and beginning drafts for flash stories I’ll be working on.

And I’m prepping for another Pecha Kucha night – doing some creepy slides to go with Zombie-Eyed Girl which I’ll be reading aloud.

And then, of course, there is tutoring prep – reading and re-familiarising myself with the lectures and readings. Must make some time to create some new music too. Love to be busy.

Pecha Kucha trainwreck

Whew, after weeks of being overwhelmed and consumed by my preparation for the Pecha Kucha event at Te Manawa, it’s done and over and wrecked. I had fun, even if I got a bit caught up in the talking and losing track of where I was, having decided to abandon my notes and talk to the slides, a little technology glitch, talking about things before the slide arrived, then talking backwards about slides which had already passed, I stumbled and careered through the 6 minutes forty and ended up back in my seat breathless. Wow, it was much harder than it had looked, but hugely worthwhile. The other speakers were inspiring and entertaining and informative, so it was a good night.

My talk was about Édouard-Léon Scott de Martinville and his invention of the phonautograph, and the recording he made, and writing and the Infrequency project with Scott de Martinville’s recording, and ambient music and computer art. There were some photos taken, so I may be able to get hold of them and make them available somewhere. I took a video too, but that may well stay in the vault.

Now, on with the tutoring.

Pecha Kucha, tutoring, reviewing and swimming: another frantic weekend

This is really just a diary entry, nothing too extraordinary here.

My Pecha Kucha presentation slowly evolves. I hope to have it down tonight. I’ll post the talk after Thursday sometime. I’m finally up to date with the creative writing study guide and ready, as I will ever be, to begin marking. Just as well because, even though the deadline isn’t until this coming Friday, the first portfolios have begun to arrive. I’m well into China Mieville’s new paperback The City and The City for review. It has been out in hardback for a while. I am enjoying it – this writer seems capable of everything. Yay, I did manage to get into a pool amongst all the busy-ness and become immersed – so refreshing.

Pecha Kucha consumes weekend

I put my hand up, perhaps foolishly, to participate in a local Pecha Kucha event. Pecha Kucha nights are presentations of 20 slides, each shown for 20 seconds, while the presenter talks for the 6 minutes and 40 seconds. It sounded straightforward when I agreed to do it, but coming up with a theme (music, writing, graphics?), then an engaging talk, then trying to match slides to it all has left me drained. I’m perhaps halfway there, but I’ve got to have my slides delivered by Thursday, and the event is being held on March 25th. Had I realised how much work I was getting myself in for, especially when I have other stuff on too. At least it has been good for my right-brain/left-brain stuff – thinking in different modes has got to be good.