Free fiction

As I’m deep in the heart of writing novels and novellas, I’ve found a moment to write a piece of flash fiction. “With Demon” is a horror piece about the problem of trying to take a demon to a wedding. Kind of. And it’s available for free now at Microhorror. Thanks to editor Nathan Rosen for publishing this story – check out the rest of the site too: Nathan hosts a wealth of horror flash fiction.

Heading for Boise – flash fiction at MicroHorror

MicroHorror, run by the most esteemed Nathan Rosen, writer, musician and editor, publishes flash horror fiction no more than 666 words long.

My recent piece Heading for Boise appeared on the site on October 6th. This has some of my favourite (perhaps over-used) elements – fragmented narrative, shifting viewpoints, flashbacks, a car wreck and a bit of a haunting. I was pleased with the results but still I hope it’s still readable and makes sense to readers other than me.

Weekend bliss … new writing, new music

After months of working to get the novel complete, then the swag of tutoring, it’s been busy and hectic. I’ve written a few short stories, and edited others, but have often felt rushed or fragmented, especially with trying to make deadlines for contests of anthology closings. Yesterday, Sunday, I had a great open block of time and wrote a new story and it really felt like breathing again – to write a piece from start to finish without interruption, without having to refocus or shift gears. Certainly it will take some reworking, some rewriting and revision and polishing, but this is why I write anyway: that sheer thrill of creating a new world, creating characters I can feel moved by. I have some other pieces to edit this week, and another book review, and study for the next round of tutoring, but it’s nice to have my head above water. I even found time to tinker with a new piece of music – my April piece is about ready to go, so I’m looking at May for this new one.

I enjoyed this flash story, just out on Microhorror: Ag/Pb by Stone Franks. A bit graphic, but a nice idea (I do like the title)

Social Media for the Undead – new story on MicroHorror

Heck with it – this is a busy week for stories of mine, so I’m abandoning my regular features, such as they are, to broadcast announcements. A new story – Social Media for the Undead – has been published on the MicroHorror site. This is a quick, fun piece of flash fiction. Well, ironically fun I suppose, perhaps loaded and pointed, but anyway I hope you enjoy.

Normal service will resume as soon as possible.

MicroHorror Contest Results

The MicroHorror Halloween Contest results are in:

Chris Allinotte for Make ’Em Cheer
Kevin G. Bufton for A Letter From the Trenches
Oonah V Joslin for Smolensk–The Second Time
Brian Laing for The King’s Grave
Caroline Robinson for Samhain
Chris Yodice for First Train to Deadman

Nathan has done a cool video with Conrad Brooks to announce the winners. Congratulations to all the winners. Oh, what do we have to do to beat Oonah? Try again next year, I guess.