Alecia in the Mechwurm in Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine

Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine #59
Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine #59
My short story “Alecia in the Mechwurm” has just come out in the latest issue (#59) of Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine. ASIM, along with Aurealis, carries the banner for Australian (and NZ, and well, I guess all of Oceania) Science Fiction. This is my second story with them (following “I am Nano” a couple of years ago). This issue is edited by the inestimable David Kernot, and I’m honored to be included in his issue.

“Alecia…” is another story under the Michael Shone penname (probably the last), and is set in the same universe (i.e. Mechwurms) as last year’s “The Flower Garden” which appeared in the Spring 2013 issue of The Colored Lens. If you’ve read that story, “Alecia…” is a slightly different tone – more hard sci-fi compared to “The Flower Garden’s” more literary leaning.

Interesting side-note: also on the contents page is Australian writer Steve Cameron, with whom I’ve shared a previous contents page, just this year in Outposts of Beyond.

The Flower Garden in The Colored Lens


My story “The Flower Garden” (under a pen name – Michael Shone) has just come out in the Spring 2012 issue of The Colored Lens. Available now on Kindle for $2.99, along with numerous other stories by some very fine writers.

“The Flower Garden” is a kind of a mix of my literary and sci-fi writings. Here’s the first page as a taster

Greg Winden saw the living machine thing from the Lockheed’s window as the aircraft made its final approach into Garnet Hill. He’d always enjoyed seeing his father’s house from the plane whenever he flew in from Newark, but it was weird seeing a mechwurm just across the highway. He remembered his father grumbling about being so close to a flight path when planes came over. Garnet Hill was so small that there were only a couple a day, and nowadays the aircraft were so quiet you barely noticed them anyway. Really, his father had little to complain about.
The alien machine changed that. His house and garden were in its path. Both would be crushed under the thing.
Greg stared at it as the plane went by. His earset snapped off some photos.
The thing was like some ancient whale-sized bottom-dwelling sea creature. Bigger than whale-sized. Its black, segmented body would have looked little bigger than a snail, from the altitude, but the passing cars on the highway almost straight below belied its real expanse: they looked like toy cars. Like a kid’s micro-slot car set, with a fascinated frisky cat about to pounce on them. It had to be two hundred yards wide, and more than three times that in length.

Four recent publications

As the writing races on like a horse on a track, I’m still managing to find a little time to format and publish some short stories and collections as ebooks.

First up are two short stories – “To A Pile of Ashes” and “Stone Goddess”. Ashes was first drafted years ago while I was working on my thesis. Over the years it had numerous revisions and eventually found a home at Infinite Windows. Goddess first came out a couple of years back, first in Lame Goat Press’s Horror Through the Ages, then in The Best of Lame Goat Press, and was also podcast by Barry J. Northern at Cast Macabre. Ashes is fairly straightforward adventure sci-fi, while goddess is a Mars story but sci-fi with a slight horror edge.

Then there’s also the second of my flashpacks – short collections of flash fiction stories. This new one, following Lizard Brain and other stories (which I neglected to publicise), is Zombie-Eyed Girl and other stories: five stories with at least a hint of zombie to them. One story – “Unbuild the Bridge” – is new for this collection, with the other four having appeared elsewhere over the last few years.

Finally there’s another Michael Shone story – “Katie Stumbled”. This is an odd hybrid of a story, a little sci-fi, a little somethingpunk, and all adventure. It was originally published in the Static Movement anthology Bounty Hunter. I used the pen name since I already had a story (“A Visit to the Theatre”)under my real name in the volume.

These will show up at ebook retailers if you search for Sean Monaghan, or just find them at my Smashwords page – here.

Two stories in Jake’s Monthly…

Static Movement regular Jake Johnson has put together the first edition of a serial online anthology – Jake’s Monthly: Science Fiction. It’s got two of my stories in – “Where There’s Water”, and a story under the byline Michael Shone – “Katie Stumbled” (previously published in the Static Movement Anthology Bounty Hunter).

Quite a roster of stories in the anthology – , Congregation by Dorothy Davies, Nova by Joe Jablonski, Anomaly by Jay Faulkner, Reality TV by T. Fox Dunham, The Memorial by Ron Koppelberger, Firstfather by Tom Wells, Hylo by Tom Wells, Lemon Pi by John H. Dromey, The Third Crime’s a Charm by John H. Dromey, The Last Singularity by Ran Cartwright, THE POLY UNSATURATED, QUICK DISSOLVING, FAST ACTING, PLEASANT TASTING GREEN AND PURPLE ADVENTURES OF WOMYNGRRL AND boyman by David Perlmutter, The David Effect by Mike Jansen, Eye of the Beholder by Danica Green. Hmm, lots of Static Movement regulars in there. I think that’s around 200 pages? Well, 60,000 odd words. It’s a .99c eBook at Smashwords. That’s gotta be good value – I’d buy a single short story for .99c there.