Stone Goddess in The Best of Lame Goat Press

Christopher Jacobsmeyer, editor of Lame Goat Press, compiled this collection from the five volumes Horror Through the Ages, Kings of the Realm: A Dragon Anthology, Diamonds in the Rough, The Next Time and Howl: Tales of the Feral and Infernal, the first five anthologies published late last year and early this year – some of these are now out of print. “Thirty stories from the anthologies, including one brand new one. Revisit the history of LGP in all its glory.”
My story, and one of my personal favourites, “Stone Goddess” is included in the anthology. This is the second ‘reprint’ of the story – it was also read by Barry J. Northern as a podcast at Cast Macabre.
The anthology is available from Amazon here

Lame Goat Press has had a busy and fraught year, and appears to no longer be active. Fortunately many of its volumes are still available – and this book makes for a great sampler.

Chapbook now available

My chapbook of short stories – The Vampire Gustav at the End of the Universe – published by Lame Goat Press is now available from CreateSpace. 52 pages, $6.95 (US), plus postage. I think it will be available through Amazon soon.

Table of contents:

The Neuron Thieves
Automated Service
The Cottage Garden
Missoula Night Hikes
Join the Band
The Servants of Darkness go for Pizza
Let Go Samuel
The Vampire Gustav at the End of the Universe

Most of these stories have been published in zines or magazines, but it’s nice to bring them together – kind of like a balanced “best of” collection, a mix of humour, sci fi, crime and horror and a little blending.

Stone Goddess – podcast

My story “The Stone Goddess” originally published in Horror Through The Ages, the first anthology from Lame Goat Press, has been read by Barry J Northern in the new Lame Goat Podcast. Barry does an excellent job – his pacing and tone is wonderful and really does the story justice.

The Stone Goddess Podcast

Barry is creating a fantastic archive of podcasts from Lame Goat publications – “Lacerta” by Jodi MacArthur, “Beserker” by Deborah Walker and “Their Dark Master” by Mark Anthony Crittendon, with more to come.

Missed the boat on Howl

The soon to be published Lame Goat Press anthology Howl looks to be a stunner. I had an idea for a story, but had so much else on that I put it aside – life is a series of choices about what not to do. Part of the reason for wanting to submit to the anthology was the fabulous cover, but it’s growing and growing. There’s now a fantastic book trailer for the volume, which is also on YouTube, one of the stories has been podcasted on, and the contributing writer’s list includes lots of my faves (Jodi, Angel, Mark Anthony Crittenden, to mention a few). I’m green. Still, it’s cool to be associated with Lame Goat Press and great to see it going from strength to strength.

(whoops – my bad, and see the comments, Laura’s not in this anthology, but she is in a couple of others – Diamonds in the Rough, and Flash! out soon. Sorry Laura).

Barris Debris – New Science Fiction/Horror story coming out soon

My science fiction/horror story “Barris Space” has been accepted into the Lame Goat Press No One Can Hear You Scream anthology, which is cool. Lame Goat Press is really developing very quickly into something of note, and I’m pleased to be associated with it through my stories. Great work by Chris Bartholemew and Christopher Jacobmeyer, and Mark Crittendon, on getting this anthology together – there are some top authors, regulars and new, on the list.

The picture here isn’t the cover – Mark’s cover is amazing – this is just a doodle I did in a meeting.

Okay – this is a Saturday post, which falls out of my schedule, but that’s okay. See you Monday (or Sunday if you’re on Pacific time).

Uh-oh, typo

Crap. I just got my copy of The Next Time and I’ve left a typo in my story “Berg”. Yes, I do proofread, and proofread again, but this has slipped through. It’s clear to me what I’ve done – made a late change to a sentence and missed deleting an “s” and the apostrophe. It probably worked fine in the original sentence, but now, of course, it looks wrong and dumb. My apologies to the editor, publisher and the other writers. I guess the message for me here is to get someone else to do a final proofread of my pieces too.

The Next Time: Alternate Reality/Time Travel

My story “Berg” is out now in the print anthology The Next Time: Alternate Reality/Time Travel, again from Lame Goat Press*. “Berg” is a more light-hearted piece than many of my stories, and plays with the idea of time-travel paradox.

This is my first publication of the year, yay. With another four already accepted and more out in slush piles it’s shaping up to be another good year. Well, another year of hard work, at least.

*Lame Goat Press has published the volume through Create Space and if you buy through there then the publisher makes a little more money than through Amazon.

Horror Through the Ages anthology out now

The first anthology from Lame Goat Press, Horror Through the Ages is available now. This has a great list of contributors – Jodi MacArthur, Robert C Eccles, Kevin Wallis and so on – 27 contributors in all. Edited by Christopher Jacobsmeyer. The collection includes my story “The Stone Goddess”. It’s available now from CreateSpace for $15.95 (US) plus shipping. It’ll be on Amazon soon, so you can bundle it up with other Christmas gifts.