… from the “can’t keep up” files …

Two authors I blog – Jodi andLaura both have flash stories in the January issue of 10flash.

10Flash is a new discovery for me – a quarterly that publishes ten genre stories in each issue, all flash and all based around a common theme. This issue’s theme was “an encounter at dusk on a lonely road”.

Keeping track of Laura and Jodi’s prolific outputs is getting exhausting. Whew. Great work – very exciting watching these careers flourish.

The New Flesh, best of 2009

William Pauley III, editor extraordinaire of The New Flesh Magazine has selected the ten best stories of 2009. There are some extraordinary stories in there, including some of my favourite writers like Jodi MacArthur, Angel Zapata and Laura Eno. And, to blast my own trumpet (after all, that’s a big part of blogs, right?), my own story “Submissions” has made the list.

I’ve got to say, I’m honoured, again. The New Flesh has very quickly proven itself to be a quality site, with some excellent stories. I’m sure that Mr Pauley’s job in putting together this list was a tough one.