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Q&A with me at Asimov’s From Earth to the Stars editor’s blog

asimovs march april 2018I neglected to give anything more than a passing mention that I got interviewed at the Asimov’s blog, specifically about my story in the March April 2018 issue.

The interview is here. I talk with the editors about my process for creating “The Billows of Sarto”, and my general writing process, and a few other things.

Check out the other interviews on the site too. You’ll build up a pretty good picture of authors writing for Asimov’s today.



Aussie SF Snapshots 2016

aussie sf snapshotsAussie SF Snapshots takes a quick look at the Australian SF community with a series of incisive interviews. I was fortunate enough to be interviewed by the esteemed Shauna O’Meara for the 2016 Snapshots. Shauna’s widely published and a Writers of the Future winner. I’m honored to be among such great company.

My interview is here: Sean Monaghan

Some of my friends also have snapshots.

Shauna’s is here: Shauna O’Meara

Steve: Steve Cameron

Gerry: Gerry Huntman

Talie: Talie Helene

Oh, and while I am actually living back in New Zealand, I hold dual citizenship, and I completed my masters at the University of Queensland in Brisbane.

Shells Walter interviews me for Walter Rhein

The wonderful Shells Walter has interviewed me here on Walter Rhein’s website.

Reading over the interview on the site, I seem to go on a bit – I’m sure the responses didn’t feel like that. Hope it doesn’t all sound like waffle.

Thanks Shells, I appreciate it. Shells is the author of the horror novel Dead Practices, and numerous other works. Walter is the author of The Bone Sword and other heroic fantasy novels.

Jodi MacArthur interviewed on Flashes in the Dark

Jodi steps her career up a notch with an excellent interview on Flashes in the Dark. Great to gain a little more insight into Jodi – Haiku, love of classic literature, approach to writing – things which come through in her writing in subtle ways. Jodi’s new story Spindled Souls on Flashes in the Dark from a few days back reinforces all that too. Big ups to Jodi and Lori for the interview.