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Akio Draws Manga – flash at Flashes in the Dark

Flashes in the Dark has published my story Akio Draws Manga. A shorter piece – under 800 words here – and an odd tale, perhaps a little supernatural, perhaps even a little sci-fi, but certainly psychological. Akio grabs a pen when he can, draws up quick, prescient sketches, while battling giant demons.


Finding Keys – flash fiction on MicroHorror

Finding Keys, a 500 word story and another entry for the Halloween contest – themed space “not outer space, but the space between things” – has just come out on MicroHorror. Another story with the protagonist waking in a hospital bed – my other entry Airhead started the same. Both go in very different directions though.

Fledgling – magic realism at The New Flesh

All of my stories are special to me, for one reason or another, yet Fledgling is one of my personal favourites – perhaps the closest I’ve come to getting the whole thing right. If you were to ask me to recommend just one of my stories to read, this would be it.

My thanks to the editors of The New Flesh Magazine – William Pauley III and Brian Barnett for publishing the piece – I didn’t know if it was quite the right fit, but I guess it was. Also my indebtedness to Jodi MacArthur for her invaluable feedback on an early draft of this story.

Oh, what is magic realism anyway? I was looking for a way to describe this story quickly and that seems to describe it – real, but with the tiniest hint of magic.

Airhead – flash at MicroHorror

“Airhead”, my entry for the Spaces – Halloween contest run through October at MicroHorror is up now. Nathan limited entries to a maximum of 500 words, so this is even shorter than usual.

What would you do if you had the chance to right a wrong and save yourself at the same time, even if you knew somehow that the righting might be just a little evil?

Lake Ryder Island Swim – short story in Oh! The Horror

Another Static Movement anthology, with a very cool cover.

This one has a great line up, and includes my story “Lake Ryder Island Swim”, a kind of zombie story, set at a private school. The book is available from Amazon, and also through the Pill Hill Books shop

Heading for Boise – flash fiction at MicroHorror

MicroHorror, run by the most esteemed Nathan Rosen, writer, musician and editor, publishes flash horror fiction no more than 666 words long.

My recent piece Heading for Boise appeared on the site on October 6th. This has some of my favourite (perhaps over-used) elements – fragmented narrative, shifting viewpoints, flashbacks, a car wreck and a bit of a haunting. I was pleased with the results but still I hope it’s still readable and makes sense to readers other than me.

Bureau of Lost and Found Souls in October Static Movement

With a fabulous cover illustration by Lee Kurugangti


The October issue of Static Movement is out, with a cool range of poems and stories, including my odd little piece The Bureau of Lost and Found Souls. What if lost souls could be found, but there were a few forms to fill out before you could claim them?