Death Valley wind recording

Artist David Andree made a call for field recordists to participate in a collaborative recording event which took place on February 28th at 15:00:00 GMT/UTC, as part of an art project to be exhibited at the big orbit gallery in buffalo, ny from march 7th – 28th 2009. Field recordists from around the world simultaneously recorded the sound of the wind for five minutes. David then compiled the recordings into the exhibition.

I was in Death Valley at 7am local time (3pm GMT) and, though I was travelling light and didn’t get access to the technology needed to upload the recording in time for the exhibition, I made this recording –

The hand-clap sound at the beginning is part of the project’s synching. Mostly this is the sound of my own circulation system, and occasional noises as I shifted my weight on the stoney ground. This is a binaural recording, so headphone listening might enhance the sense of it. Note, it is also very quiet – remember to turn your volume down before you put Metallica on again (or not).

I was near Daylight Pass – just South of where the road meets the California/Nevada state line (the white dashed line), on the California (left) side:

More stuff on Death Valley coming – I spent the day there, my second visit. Seven years ago I made the Venus Vulture album “Death Valley”, which had* limited** circulation. I listened to the CD as I drove around during the day. Now I’m starting work on a new project “Death Valley Redux”, which will hopefully see release later this year.

*(and always will have – I was still learning about music and how it works)
**(to friendly and encouraging family and friends)

Great News – Forgotten Trees as a book!

I had some poems I’d been working on and I’ve decided to make Forgotten trees into a three-level piece: music, graphics and text.  There will be a 100 page book of photos and poems to complement the CD.  Get both, read the book and look at the photos (which are new, not available electronically through the website) and listen to the music in the background (with a cup of herbal tea, perhaps).  Intended release date is April 19th – at the moment just working through a sizing problem with the CD tray insert.