The Wreck of the Emerald Sky

The Wreck of the Emerald SkyMy science fiction novella, The Wreck of the Emerald Sky, originally published in The Colored Lens magazine, is out now as an ebook and a print book. This is one of my Barris Space stories, following several others – “Barris Debris”, “Eltanin Hoop Anomaly Rescue”, published in Static Movement anthologies, as well as the recent story “Turtles” (featuring one of the same characters) published in Encounters Magazine.

Light years from Earth, the liner The Emerald Sky is trapped in a Barris Space rift. No one’s ever seen anything like it. Derel Larson’s the go-to guy for Barris anomalies, but he’s on compassionate leave. The only way he’s going to rescue the passengers is if he takes his daughter along with him.

ebook – $5.99

Print – $9.99


“Turtles” – a Barris Space story – out now in Encounters Magazine

Encounters 200x305 My story “Turtles” is out now in the April edition of Encounters magazine. “Turtles” is a story set in my Barris Space universe. Previously published stories include “Barris Debris” (Deep Space Terror), “Eltanin Hoop Anomaly Rescue” (Will it go Faster if I Push This) and the novella The Wreck of the Emerald Sky (The Colored Lens).Derel Larsen – a character in Emerald Sky – appears in this new story too.

I’ll be re-publishing The Wreck of the Emerald Sky as a stand-alone ebook and print book in the near future, and eventually will be gathering together all those Barris Space stories (and a couple of others) into an omnibus edition. In the meantime check out Encounters – there’s a whole bunch of great stories there.