Twin Fish

I drew this years ago when I was drawing with pen and ink a lot more. It seems to fit with the idea of Jacob’s Naked Aquarium.

Inspired by Ian Miller’s art – especially his Hollywood Gothic, I drew loads of fish. This must be from later on in that period, when I was being less imitative – not quite as mechanical as some of my others. I will track down something more mechanical for a future post.

Jacob’s Naked Aquarium – flash fiction at Bewildering Stories

My magicpunk story Jacob’s Naked Aquarium appears in issue 390 of Bewildering Stories.

While all my stories feel like favourites, this is something different and extra – I feel more attached to this one than some others. I look at it now and can see a few rough edges, though some of those have been neatly smoothed by some great editing from the Bewildering Stories team.

Is magicpunk a sub-genre? It’s not a “magic realm” story, though it exploits magic. It’s not “steampunk”, though it has elements of that – no computer technology as such. But it’s some kind of mix between the two. Oh, does it really need a genre label – can’t it just be a story?

Funny doodle – I think I’ll grab one of my old fish drawings and put that here to look a bit more classy.

Writing on … love to be busy

Well, with the excitement of the publication of the first part of my novel still hovering, I found loads of energy over the weekend to write.

I got busy with my dieselpunk serial. I completed the tidied up the ending of the first draft last night. I will work on a couple of other stories over the next few days, then tear into revisions on the dieselpunk piece. Somehow in the midst of that I managed a rough cover for my Lame Goat Press chapbook – more on that later this week.

I’m having another quick retreat in a couple of weeks – heading away for three nights in a cabin: just me and the laptop. I’ve got a bunch of outlines and beginning drafts for flash stories I’ll be working on.

And I’m prepping for another Pecha Kucha night – doing some creepy slides to go with Zombie-Eyed Girl which I’ll be reading aloud.

And then, of course, there is tutoring prep – reading and re-familiarising myself with the lectures and readings. Must make some time to create some new music too. Love to be busy.

New story in Bewildering Stories, January 25th

My story “Into the Green Pit”, after lots of editorial work on the title (whew, titles – I think I’ll do a big post on creating titles sometime), will appear on Bewildering Stories on Monday January 25th. Usually I post on the day, or a little after something comes out, but I’ll be away from the web for a week on writing retreat next week, so here’s the news.

Bewildering Stories is one of the more eclectic sites – publishing a range of speculative genres, and a great range of forms, from poetry and flash through short stories, novellas and serialised novels.


Okay, I know that that some of you who have read both stories from the last couple of posts – “Vampire Gustave …” and “Puncture Wound” – have noticed they have something in common. Yet the stories were written months apart, submitted months apart, and accepted months apart. That they came out within a couple of days is just coincidence. Kind of a cool coincidence though, I think.