Indistinct Garbled Static – new long short story out now

I’m working to keep up the release schedule here. I have this backlog of stories that should really get out into the light of day. Maybe a few people will even read them. Considering this is about my only promotion of new titles few people might hear of them anyway. So thanks for being here!

Indistinct Garbled Static” is at the long end of short stories – just crossing that threshhold where the SF community start calling them novelettes (for those interested – that 7500 words, this story is 8400 words)

Indistinct Garbled Static

Cassie hears patterns. Everywhere.

That makes her one of the best interstellar signal analysts around.

When the AI interpreter sends odd data her way, Cassie might have more than even she can cope with.

And the implications of the signal might change everything.

A story that asks the question: Do we know our place in the universe?



Cover art – which I think fits the story brilliantly – by Grandeluc from Dreamstime. I work hard on my covers and this time I’m feeling I’ve actually got the balance of text and image just about right.

Available now as both an ebook and in print for $2.99 / $6.99. Link there goes to the Universal Book Link which then takes you on to your favorite retailer.


The Cly – now available

The Cly front cover thumbI seem to be lax in yelling out when I have a new book available, so I’m going to see if I can stop and just go ahead and post. Last week I mentioned my forthcoming publishing plans, including for my new novel The Cly.

I am writing and publishing a lot this year, so I guess it’s easy for me to forget to mention things in a practical, right-brained way (practical is right-brain, right?). While I’m fairly good and writing (as in, I spend a lot of time on it), I still need to learn an awful lot about marketing and business (writing is way more fun, so I spend a whole lot less time on marketing and business).

So The Cly is my longest novel in awhile – a shade under ninety thousand words. Mostly I’m clocking somewhere just north of sixty thousand. Initially I thought it would hit that shorter length, but the plot demanded more action and more resolution.

Here’s the blurb:
Tony Brock saved humanity once. But in the mess, he lost his relationship with his daughter.

Now the Cly pose a new threat. A threat that might destroy the Earth itself.
And the aliens won’t negotiate.

So Brock’s back in the thick of it. Chasing them down, and chasing the faint hope of seeing Bex one more time.

An alien invasion novel with a difference.

I should mention the wonderful cover illustrator – Luca Oleastri. Thanks for another great image.

Available from most ebook and print book retailers (ask at your local bookstore for the print version – all 500 odd pages of it).

ebook $5.99

Paperback $22.99