12k – a perfect introduction

I am an unabashed fan of Taylor Deupree’s 12k label – an imprint that focuses on minimal music, but has evolved over the years. I frequently listen to Shuttle358, Sawako, Steinbruchel and others from the roster as I write. Taylor has made an hour-long mix of tracks For all the things we did in May which has just come out as a stream on Fluid Radio (of which I’m also a fan). The mix is wonderfully low-key, beginning with one of my favourite pieces, Shuttle358’s “Gone”, then progressing fairly organically through tracks I’m familiar with, and some I’d never heard.

A wonderful introduction to 12k’s roster and style.

Yeah – new stuff uploaded

Gathered together some new things and something old to keep the interest up:

New video at Youtube – August Sleep – a minute and a half of dream swirls.

Old music – the remix I submitted for the Post Piano Open Remix Project from Taylor Deupree and Kenneth Kirschner a few years back – here on archive.org. Including some of the working files, and the graphics too.

New computer images – A new set of 25 images. This makes a nice slideshow, the images run across each other; August Sleep.