The Path to Centauri in October 10Flash

My quirky sci-fi flash “The Path to Centauri” is in the October issue of KC Ball’s quarterly flash fiction magazine. 10Flash publish ten flash fiction pieces in each issue, all around a common theme. October’s theme is “stop me if you’ve heard this one” – as it implies, the issue is filled with some pretty humourous stories.

I seem to have a lot of publication announcements at the moment – one of those convergence things. I have a couple more to announce next week too, but then I should be back to my usual self of ranting about politicians and global warming.

… from the “can’t keep up” files …

Two authors I blog – Jodi andLaura both have flash stories in the January issue of 10flash.

10Flash is a new discovery for me – a quarterly that publishes ten genre stories in each issue, all flash and all based around a common theme. This issue’s theme was “an encounter at dusk on a lonely road”.

Keeping track of Laura and Jodi’s prolific outputs is getting exhausting. Whew. Great work – very exciting watching these careers flourish.