How interesting – halo effect?

Way the way back in the autumn of 2014 I had a story out in The Colored Lens, titled “The Whalefall”. In 2015, I published it as a standalone story available from Amazon and so on. It sat there quietly minding its own business. Then, last month and the previous month, it sold a few copies more than usual. Enough to be noticable.

I wondered what was going on. Why the sudden interest? I think it’s down to something maybe called the Halo Effect. Seems that an erstwhile writer by the name of Daniel Kraus has just published a book titled Whalefall.

New York Times bestseller. “The Martian meets 127 Hours” according to the blurb.

I’m tickled. I hope that not too many people were disappointed to discover that they’d bought my book, which is not at all “The Martian meets  127 Hours” and more like “Little House on the Prairie meets 47 Meters Down” or something.

I have yet to read Mr. Kraus’s book, but I can assure you that mine centers around an actual whalefall – the remains of an alien whale lying on the seafloor.

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