Strata, and a performance

strata 1Taking a leap into the unknown, going, as they say ‘out of my comfort zone’, tonight marks the first Venus Vulture live performance. This is at Swampfest, the Palmerston North annual event showcasing local musicians (and, this year, hosting me).

In about five hours. Hmm! I’ve written here before about the fun I have making music and seeing what I can come up with. Ambient soundscapes and drones and quiet minimal stuff.

But this is a different thing. Live. Performance.


Now, I do make music using a modular synthesizer, so there’s an element of just turning it on and sound comes out. Quite distinct from having to hold the chords on a guitar as the player strums, or, well, actually playing any kind of non-electronic instrument.

I’m using my Unpredictability Machine – which you can see here on Modulargrid. Performing a piece called “Strata”

So, yeah, I do need to turn the knobs at the right time, and cue up the samples in the right order. All while standing in front of people. Actual people. You know, real musicians, who tend to be the people who come to Swampfest.

Fifteen minutes is all. Not long, right. Should be fine. Heh. Do I seem intimidate? Nah.

Anyway, in the lead up and preparing for the night, I’ve recorded some of my sessions and released them on Bandcamp. Pay what you like, or just have a listen online.

With focus, the show might even sound pretty close to this.

And thanks to so many people for their encouragement in taking this leap.

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