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Guest House Izarra draft thumbnail borderEarly in June I thought I’d try my hand a writing a novel in a month. Now, on the last day of the month, I can report something: Success. (insert requisite number of exclamation marks). With the success comes a tinge of, if not quite failure, at least some stumbling.

The success is that I have completed the draft of the novel. It came in at 61,497 words. Right on the mark as far as my novels go, and the general length for books in the series. I finished up on the 29th – a day to spare, yay. A couple of thousand words a day.

I celebrated the completion by opening up a new file and starting the writing of a new story. Since writing it pretty much the most fun thing, a new story is a great way to celebrate.

I hope to have the book out by the end of the year, once it’s knocked into shape. It’s cool to have a cover just about ready for it.

The stumbling, I suppose, came from the direction the story took. The Karnish River Navigations series is hard science fiction. It’s set in the distant future, on a distant planet, with some very high-tech premises. While those are present in Guest House Izarra, in places I realized that the action was taking a front seat, making the story angle off towards a straight thriller. That’s fine, it was still fun to write, but I’m not sure who the audience will be. Perhaps readers of the other books in the series will be forgiving. I’ll definitely make sure the next one is very tech-dependent. I’ll probably start that one in August. I’ll take more than a month over it, though, I think.

I noticed that right away with the new story too: a swing of the pendulum the other way. High tech all the way. Very much fun to write.

5 thoughts on “The month of the novel

  1. I have a question for you. Writing a novel in a month is awesome, no doubt about that, so the greatest respect to you first off. But I was wondering, particularly after what you said about stumbling; regardless of the unknown direction the story took in the end, how do you feel about it? Do you feel that its up to your usual standard? Perhaps you feel like its better because you let the story drive you? I’m a curious soul I’m afraid!

    1. Hi. Good question, and thanks.

      I’m happy with the story, definitely. I felt like my characters developed and faced challenges. I do think it’s up to my usual standard, though authors are often the worst judges of their own work.

      I feel like letting the story drive things really helped in big ways. The whole thing got complicated, with various antagonists. For a moment I thought it was getting unwieldy, but ultimately it boiled down to what I hope is a neatly tied-up resolution.

      In the end, I’ll have to wait to see what readers think.


      1. Haha! Yes, ultimately I suppose it comes down to your audience but it’s nice to know what the author is thinking 🙂
        And who knows! I know you said you weren’t sure who the audience would be but it could be a blessing in disguise. No doubt those who have read the rest of your work will come back eager for more but you might get some newer fans jumping on board who are interested in straight thrillers.

        I wish you all the best with it, when it comes to it, next year. Would be interesting to read a follow up blog on the subject once the book is released! 🙂

        TartanRose xx

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