100,000 words. So far.

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A slower start this year, but I’ve still hit over a hundred thousand words so far. That’s averaging a bit over 1400 a day. I’d like to be at 1500, but hey. I think that’s a little bit of “failing to success” (Dean Wesley Smith has a good article about that, here, from 2014, but the idea of achieving well, but slightly below your goals is still relevant). My overall posted goal for the year is a half million words, so I’m well on target for that.

I’ve published one novel (The Eye, the third volume in The Hidden Dome trilogy. I’ve also completed the draft of a contemporary thriller, written and submitted a couple of science fiction stories, and I’m halfway through the draft of a Canal Days, the sequel to last year’s Arlchip Burnout. Hope to have that out later in the year.

I’m in the process of prepping the next two sci-fi novels – Gretel and Cisterns, both standalones (at the moment). Should have those out by the end of March and the end of April respectively.

I do need to get on top of print versions. Haven’t got to that for The Eye yet, so there’s a dropped-the-ball moment. Should get that out with print versions of those other two. I should also bundle the three books of The Hidden Dome series so people can get the series as a set.

I’ve had a story in Aurealis and have signed contracts for another couple of stories coming out later this year (one a reprint). More on those closer to the time.

My story “The Molentstraat Music Festival” from the September 2015 issue of Asimov’s is a finalist in the Asimov’s Readers’ Poll and also in the Aurealis Awards. That’s pretty cool. I’m hoping it will also get on the ballot for New Zealand’s Sir Julius Vogel Award.

As Shadows on the Snow, with Kendall from Decembernightskies, we’ve also had more music come out this year. Feels like something for another blog post.

I do need to update my website. Seriously. Need to learn more about marketing. And discoverability. Also that garden that needs one or two weeds (or more) pulled.

So, even with a few glitches of my own making, I’m happy with this start to the year. How is yours going?

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  1. You didn’t lose the widgets; they’re in a secluded section of your widgets list in the admin screen. My wife updates my themes from time to time and the same thing happens to me. She has to dig them out for me, but they’re all there.

    And THANKS A LOT for making me feel REALLY BAD about my output (I’m kidding of course)!

    GREAT job hitting 100K already, Sean! You’re well on your way to the elusive Pulp Speed. I can’t remember what those are, but you’re getting there fast. And congrats on everything starting to spin your way. All the best of success!

    Good luck on those contests, too!

  2. Hi Sean. Wow that’s impressive. My goal is 2000 a day but I am way below that, partly because I have on and off days. When I actually write, can write sometimes even 3k, depends on how it flows. There are days when I only write blog posts, which contributes to the word count in general, but not to the kind I want. Overall, you have an impressive track record. In these two months (Jan 12-Mar 12) I wrote 40.000, but I am not a pro, and that’s a lot, a lot more words and a lot more regularity than the last year, for example. So .. ! I am happy with the progress. There is the part, where I am completely amateur in the marketing department. I came across a course by some Jeff Goings, and at first it was a lot of free tips, but now it came to $197 per 4 modules and a bunch of useless goodies on top of it. I’ll withhold for now, will try by trial and error. 🙂 Anyway, good luck!

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