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WOTF-FINALIST-#31Some years ago I was a finalist in the Writers of the Future contest (WOTF).

Since that time I’ve entered every quarter. I’ve had numerous Honorable Mentions and a Semi-Finalist placing. Never made it to that lauded “Finalist” again though.

Now I find myself creeping closer to pro-ing out. The contest is open to non-professional writers only, professional being counted as more than three pro-rate sales. With this August’s issue of Asimov’s I’ll have my third pro sale publication. One more after (or before) that and I’ll no longer be eligible for WOTF. I wonder how many more quarters I’ll be able enter.

In the meantime, the WOTF organization sent me this nice badge (thanks Joni). I figure I’d better display it. It might be my highest WOTF accolade.

4 thoughts on “Finalist Badge

  1. Wow, GREAT news there, Sean! Congrats on the ever-growing sales.

    I had the hubris to ask Amazon where my tax forms were for this past year (2015). They sent me back a note saying, “Yeah, you have to make more than ten bucks US before we create those. So.”

    *Facepalm* I’ve had a couple of sales, but I think all of them were my 99¢ books. I guess I’m not an Amazon success story yet. 🙂

    Good for you to keep going with the WotF entries, too! Keeps you writing. 🙂

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