Nice review of The Molenstraat Music Festival in Locus Online Reviews

lorLois Tilton regularly reviews the latest science fiction and fantasy magazines. Her review of my story The Molenstraat Music Festival from the September Asimov’s is neatly neutral, which I’m taking as a good thing.

6 thoughts on “Nice review of The Molenstraat Music Festival in Locus Online Reviews

  1. I think it’s above neutral, as far as reviews go. She’s pointed out more positive than negative, one of them being “a well-realized character in Clancy” which is key. Congrats. A good Locus review is a spot on the writer’s bingo card.

  2. I loved the Molenstraat…….I assume you’re a musician, possibly even a cellist? You knew that the Haydn is really difficult. And you defined the before-and-after of Eleanor’s playing really well. Your story is really for me a meditation on the mystery of talent. (I sang mostly opera for 25 years and then taught for 21) Thank you so much!

    1. Well, John, thank you. I I worked for a decade as a music librarian, helping people locate recordings, scores and instructional materials, and talked with many musicians. I did quite a bit of reading and research in preparing the story. While I don’t play cello, I recently picked up the bass again after many years away and I’m learning that once again. I’m glad you enjoyed the story. Cheers.

  3. I just read the Molenstraat music festival, it brought tears to my eyes. Great story. Where can I find more of your stories?

    1. Thanks John. The August issue of Perihelion had my story “Distractions” as a free read – My previous Asimov’s story “Walking Gear” is available as a standalone ebook from Amazon, and other stores – just search my name. Otherwise check the Stories tab on this blog – many of those are available freely. Thanks again.

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