The Million Word Apprenticeship

big pic miniSomewhere I’ve read something about how a writer has to write a million words before they’re good enough.

Well, I published some stories well before I’d completed a million words. Some people even said some complimentary things about them. But one of the things I figure is I’m never going to stop learning. So I keep writing, figuring each new million words as a new apprenticeship.

This year I’ve written a half-million. That complements the half-million from last year. This is the first time I’ve consciously tracked the word count. It’s nice to feel like I’ve clearly got a million under my belt. I think in all the years leading up to that I’d probably written more than a million. But that feels like another lifetime.

Last year was my most successful ever – with more paid publications than ever before. This year was even better. It feels like the work is paying off.

Next year I’m embarking on a new apprenticeship. The first half-million of the next million. Always learning.

2 thoughts on “The Million Word Apprenticeship

  1. That’s all great news, Sean. I know I’ve got more than a million under my belt too, but I don’t know if I will ever think I’m good enough, definitely along the lines of always learning.

    This year, I didn’t keep track of my word count like I did the previous year and I wish I had, so for 2014 I’ll be returning to my spreadsheet again.

    Best of luck to you in 2014 and congrats to your successes.

    1. Thanks Erin. Keeping track of a word count is really working for me – might not work for everyone. For me it gives me both a goal and a grounded reality about what I’m acheiving. Have a great 2014 – look forward to seeing more of your writing.

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