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My novel should be published by the end of the year. At the moment the manuscript is with the editors – Lucky Bat books. Whew, getting to this point has been huge.

In the meantime I’ve got other stuff to do. Like picking a cover. This is my current rough, after ditching a few other ideas…

What do you think? What needs to change? Font size? The font itself? The angle of the words? Does it need to be busier? Quieter? Does it make you want to buy the book? Click on the picture for a bigger version.

Things will probably change when the artist (Peter Parkinson) gets hold of it. I’m hoping he has time before publication, otherwise I’ll run with something like this one.

Rotations is a near-future thriller. Or is that techno-thriller? I’m still figuring it out. Perhaps it’s sci-fi. Doubtless we’ll work out how to market it best.

As we get closer to publication date, I’ll post some snippets. Parts of it, some might recall, have been previously published online at the now defunct Infinite Windows site. It’s great to take it on again, get it professionally edited and ready to go.

I’m publishing under my Triple V Publishing imprint, where I also had my short story collection Eddie’s on Fire a couple of years back (you can still buy it at CafePress – P.O.D. for $13.95, plus shipping). Triple V is a quiet little thing, but we’ll see how it develops as things go.

6 thoughts on “Rotations – cover

  1. It’s “bar sinister” meaning from the upper left to the lower right. Think of neckties which are upper right to lower left and heraldry where the king’s heirs were the only ones who could put a “bar” on the coat of arms. he King’s sons “bar dexter” and the king’s bastards but still heirs “bar sinister.”

  2. A friend just emailed me and said bad things to me about this.
    I always forget that the bends or bars in Heraldry are from behind because they go on a shield being held in front of the person.
    So that is “bar dexter” (upper left to lower right as you face it) and the “bar sinister” would be from upper right down to lower left as you face it. It’s like playing in a mirror. Sorry about that.

    1. Listen when I’m giving someone directions, I say turn left here. No, not that way, left. Oh, yeah, I mean right. The whole dextral/sinistral thing ties me up in knots. I try to cultivate the habit of pointing and saying “that way”. Anyway, the angle of the words here is bar dexter. Cool, thanks D.

      BTW, it’s only 38degrees, not 45. If anyone needs to know ephemeral technical details like that.

  3. Hey S,
    I love the Helicopter and wall, and the colors and everything. My eyes would like the title and name level, but my artistic brain likes how you worked out the angles.

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