Pan Am 617 Heavy, parts 6 and 7

A bonus this week – two chapters of Pan Am 617 Heavy – Messerschmitt Dogfight and Pan Am Historic Flight 1 (pt.1). Just one more part after this.

“They’re waiting,” Dominic said, pointing to the open door, lit by a blinding spotlight.

“Throw out your weapons,” someone shouted from outside. Dominic imagined a semi-circle of them, all with their guns trained on the door.

“Well,” Keyshaa said, “that’s it, then.”

I know there’s no Messerschmitt in the picture, but these were the models I found. It’s been fun doing the illustrations for each part of the story – even if they sometimes feel a bit rough.

One thought on “Pan Am 617 Heavy, parts 6 and 7

  1. Keyshaa better be okay, Sean or I’ll be seriously mad at you. This reminds me a bit of a story you had at The New Flesh like a year or two back. There’s only one part left? Boo. I hadn’t realized you’d done all these illustrations yourself. V. cool

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