Bottled Sleep – short fiction at Static Movement

December’s issue of Static Movement (again with a wonderful illustration by Lee Kuruganti – very Christmassy) includes another of my magic realism stories, or perhaps magic punk. Bottled Sleep is kind of about a magic shop, kind of about destiny. The story is set in the same universe as my flash fiction story Jacob’s Naked Aquarium that appeared earlier this year in Bewildering Stories.

2 thoughts on “Bottled Sleep – short fiction at Static Movement

  1. This one is sneaky. That first line totally threw me off becuase of its normalcy. Kayleen is like this sly magician instead of being criminal I as reader can only see her as loveable and just getting by. But in reality… whazam. Evil as the rest of us.

    Sly, Sean. Very sly. Does she have any extra bottles of sleep? And yes, that was sleep, not sheep. I need one please.

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