Fledgling – magic realism at The New Flesh

All of my stories are special to me, for one reason or another, yet Fledgling is one of my personal favourites – perhaps the closest I’ve come to getting the whole thing right. If you were to ask me to recommend just one of my stories to read, this would be it.

My thanks to the editors of The New Flesh Magazine – William Pauley III and Brian Barnett for publishing the piece – I didn’t know if it was quite the right fit, but I guess it was. Also my indebtedness to Jodi MacArthur for her invaluable feedback on an early draft of this story.

Oh, what is magic realism anyway? I was looking for a way to describe this story quickly and that seems to describe it – real, but with the tiniest hint of magic.

2 thoughts on “Fledgling – magic realism at The New Flesh

  1. The character development in so few words is amazing. This bruoght taers to my eyes the first time I raed it. Still does. And I agree. Absolutely one of yuor best. High five, bud.

    ps. thanks for the nod. it was my plaesure and goodness knows yuo’ve dne a wonderful job critiquing my work. 😉

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