Two stories published in Novus Creatura

Aurora Wolf publishing picked up the Novus Creatura anthology through Static Movement. I did see a contents list once, but can’t track it down at the moment – I’m still waiting for my copy in the post. I suspect that it includes many of the usuals, and a few new authors, so I’m in for a treat.

The premise behind the anthology was to have stories about new creatures – no zombies or werewolves or vampires – some kind of creature unseen before. My two stories are the very short and grim ‘Breathe Me In’ (not to be confused with my longer story from Flashes in the Dark – ‘Breathe In’, which is very different), and ‘Zombie Vampire Robot From Mars: A Kirsten Challenger Mystery Romance’ (okay, so I kind of twisted the rules there), something longer and lighter.

Novus Creatura is available now from Amazon.

I’ll post again with more thoughts (and more links), once I have the book in my hands.

One thought on “Two stories published in Novus Creatura

  1. Holy sh*t on that second title. I might have to buy just to read that one. How can someone be a zombie vampire robot? Transformation would be difficult I imagine. Talk about a bad romance… 😉 Congrats on the sales!

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