Flash! – the table of contents

After my previous post where I messed up who is in the book (sorry Angel), here is a full table of contents, as I have verified from the printed book:

Introduction by Martin Zeigler
Tea Time With Warthog by Jodi MacArthur
Always Read the Instructions! by A.E. Churchyard
Angel’s Trumpet by Patricia La Barbera
Answers by Mark Taylor
Are We There Yet? by George Wilhite
The ATM by Bob Eccles
A Bad Hand by Aurelio Rico Lopez III
The Ballad of the Kid by Paul Brazill
Blow the Snow-Bird by Maggie Veness
The Bullet by Chris Bartholomew
Blue by Carrie Clevenger
Choices by C. Douglas Birkhead
Choices by Mark Taylor
Cold by John C. Mannone
Cupid, Playing by Kenneth C. Goldman
The Dark Side by Jim Bronyaur
Date of the Old Goat by Deborah Walker
Demon by A.J. French
A Dream of Peonies by Chris Allinotte
Dolce Pauline by R.W. Watkins & Robin Tilley
Even Zombies Have to Shop by Ellie Garratt
A fairy Tale by Ryan Lawrence
Family Ties by Matt Nord
First, Second, and Third by Lee Hughes
Fly Away Butterfly by Kia Storm
For Your Loss by Cynthia D. Witherspoon
From the Belly of the Beast by Francesca Angelique Carrillo
The Garden Tea Party by John C. Mannone
The Greater Hand by James P. Wagner
The Growth by Erik T. Johnson
Haunted houses aren’t free by Ryan Lawrence
Haven’t You Heard That I’m The New Cancer? by William Wolford
Mud in Your Eye by Chip O’Brien
How Does Beauty Come About? by William Wolford
Hunter by Laura Eno
The Immortal’s Lecture by Daybert Linares
Injured Us by Luanna Azzarito
Innocent Until Proven by Marion Sipe
Itch by Jack Roth
Just Imagine by Iain Pattison
The Last Clown by Lee Hughes
Leper by A.J. French
Living With Dying by Kevin Brown
The Long Walk by Billy Burgess
M by Paul Brazill
Man With Shark Teeth Walks Into Jake’s Diner by Sean Monaghan
Meeting Frieda by Martin Zeigler
Midnight Lemonade by Abigail Beal
Monotony by Kathryn Slavik
A New Life by A.E. Churchyard
New Year’s Resolution by Brad Nelson
No Deposit, No Return by Bob Eccles
No. 102 by R.W. Watkins
The Oak Tree by Col Bury
OnScar by Brad Nelson
Par One by Gregory Miller
The Partner by C. Douglas Birkhead
A Peaceful Solution by Jason Barney
Pride and Joy by Emma Kathryn
Proving Ground by Mark Anthony Crittenden
A Quick Break by Gregory Miller
Recruitment’s End by Jason Barney
Right is Right by Luanna Azzarito
Seven by Jamie K. Schmidt
Shades of Black by Kevin Brown
Shiny Places by Maggie Veness
The Snitch by Ryan Lawrence
A Soldier’s Last Stand by Jordan Fuselier-Gardner
Something Different by Chris Allinotte
Rust by Fred Venturini
The Stick Pony by Chris Bartholomew
A Strange Means of Suicide by Robert Essig
Sweet Heart by Christina Murphy
To Whom It May Concern by Ryan Lawrence
Two Heads Aren’t Better Than One by Laura Eno
Under the Bed by Kevin Wallis
The Unicorn by Steven Barrie
The Waking Death by Luke Campen
Willpower by Lily Mulholland
You Never Know by Daniel Fabiani
3 O’Clock in the Midnight World by Charles Muir
Unavailable by Karen Schindler
University Park by Jessy Marie Roberts
Once Bitten by Mark Taylor
Salvation by Iain Pattison

Wow, that’s a lot of stories. Props to all the writers, and Martin for his intro, and Chris for editing (and Christopher for initiating the project to begin with).

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