Flash, from Static Movement

This book has been around for a few weeks, but my copy just arrived yesterday and it looks sharp, and is filled with dozens of flash-fiction stories. Editor Chris Bartholemew of Static Movement has done an awesome job of putting this out amongst the range of other anthologies she’s taking on. Neatly led out by “Tea Time With Warthog” by Jodi MacArthur, the roster includes lots of names I’m familiar with – Angel Zapata,, Laura Eno, Robert Essig, Bob Eccles, A.J. French, Jim Bronyaur … more than eighty stories in all, and yes, including one by me – “Man with Shark’s Teeth Walks into Jake’s Diner”.

A wonderful collection, and a great introduction to flash fiction.

Addendum – after a little more checking (see comments below) it seems Angel is not in the anthology – my apologies (a glaring error, perhaps), but Laura is, with her stories “Hunter” and “Two heads are better than one”. Well, that’s from my quick web-check … I will leaf through the book shortly and re-double-confirm that I’ve got that right. Anyway, I’m leaving my link to Angel’s blog there anyhow – awesome writer and you should check out his work.

7 thoughts on “Flash, from Static Movement

  1. Hey Sean. Congrats. You sure are a publishing machine lately.

    Okay, now for a strange question. This is the second time I’ve seen my name mentioned with this anthology, and since you bought the book, I have to ask. Am I really in this book? Don’t recall submitting anything. I just gotta know.


  2. Holy moley – I was just typing from the contents list on the Static Movement site – I’ll have to confirm from the contents page itself when I’m back at my bookshelf … hope I haven’t led people astray. :-/

  3. No, you’re right. I didn’t realize that Chris picked this up from Lame Goat…the 2 stories I have in this I do remember sending to LG. I’m glad you said something or I wouldn’t have ever realized I was in it! 🙂

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