Jacob’s Naked Aquarium – flash fiction at Bewildering Stories

My magicpunk story Jacob’s Naked Aquarium appears in issue 390 of Bewildering Stories.

While all my stories feel like favourites, this is something different and extra – I feel more attached to this one than some others. I look at it now and can see a few rough edges, though some of those have been neatly smoothed by some great editing from the Bewildering Stories team.

Is magicpunk a sub-genre? It’s not a “magic realm” story, though it exploits magic. It’s not “steampunk”, though it has elements of that – no computer technology as such. But it’s some kind of mix between the two. Oh, does it really need a genre label – can’t it just be a story?

Funny doodle – I think I’ll grab one of my old fish drawings and put that here to look a bit more classy.

One thought on “Jacob’s Naked Aquarium – flash fiction at Bewildering Stories

  1. HAHA. Evil. Evil. And so funny. I shouldn’t be laughing this hard. Bad Sean.

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