Marking poetry nears the end

Another week of marking left, then on to the fiction part of the course. Poetry is always a challenge for me, yet with so many good poems coming my way, it’s been a pleasure. I’m into the final third of the portfolios now, so will still have a busy week ahead.

Meanwhile, I did post a new quick Haiku of my own – Catch the act – at the Undead Poets Society.

One thought on “Marking poetry nears the end

  1. Hi

    I was wondering if you might consider offering an opinion on my chapbook to come out shortly on Erbacce press shortly; it is politically sensitive, socially and emotionally oriented poetry.
    I am trying to solicit blurbs for the back and I flinch with the boldness of asking.

    I realise this is a big ask, and I perfectly understand if you decline. By way of gratitude I commit to buying three publications for any reviews I receive, whether good or bad, used or not.

    I can send you a proof copy of my chapbook immediately if you wanted to give it a once over. No worries if you’re too busy, and many thanks.

    kind regards

    Aaron Asphar

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