New Favourite Show – Modern Family

Sunday night, 7.30pm, all new Simpsons. Yeah, still funny and engaging characters and I smiled from time to time. Then, 8pm, Modern Family, and I’m laughing out loud. Again and again. This is one of the few sitcoms without a laugh-track, which honestly helps make it funny. I so often get tired of soundtrack laughter, especially when things aren’t that funny (I’m meaning contrived one-liners, followed by that taped laugh). So, yeah, Modern Family is my new favourite show.

Then again, I watched Gary Unmarried and that’s got a laugh track, but the writing seems pretty supreme – the characters are entertaining and engaging, the situations clever and the one liners actually funny. Okay, I’ve only seen one episode, but got more laughs from that than the total cumulative number of laughs from Friends ever. Okay, I didn’t watch that many episodes of Friends, but still …

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