Weekend bliss … new writing, new music

After months of working to get the novel complete, then the swag of tutoring, it’s been busy and hectic. I’ve written a few short stories, and edited others, but have often felt rushed or fragmented, especially with trying to make deadlines for contests of anthology closings. Yesterday, Sunday, I had a great open block of time and wrote a new story and it really felt like breathing again – to write a piece from start to finish without interruption, without having to refocus or shift gears. Certainly it will take some reworking, some rewriting and revision and polishing, but this is why I write anyway: that sheer thrill of creating a new world, creating characters I can feel moved by. I have some other pieces to edit this week, and another book review, and study for the next round of tutoring, but it’s nice to have my head above water. I even found time to tinker with a new piece of music – my April piece is about ready to go, so I’m looking at May for this new one.

I enjoyed this flash story, just out on Microhorror: Ag/Pb by Stone Franks. A bit graphic, but a nice idea (I do like the title)

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