I Puncture Him All Over – new story on Macabre Cadaver

Continuing on with a busy week of stories coming out. My fairly bleak short story I Puncture Him All Over has just been published on the ever-varied Macabre Cadaver. It’s a more brutal and graphic story than I normally write, but stylistically I’m very happy with it. My thanks, also, to editor Emmanuel Paige for his suggestions which have helped to strengthen the story from the original version I submitted.

My short “reading for writing” review was to be on The Engine of Recall by Karl Schroeder, but I’ll do that next week, assuming normal service resumes.

One thought on “I Puncture Him All Over – new story on Macabre Cadaver

  1. GEEZ. You really got into the head of this guy. I love the build up of the story…SUSPENSE. You never actually say what he does with the children, but you know he has lost time and they are gone. THE HORROR. I couldn’t stop reading. The ending was perfect, lonely, and he still has the innocent quality about him. I think this weird innocence is the real draw to your character. Your writing just gets better and better. Excellent work, Sean.

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