Stone Goddess – podcast

My story “The Stone Goddess” originally published in Horror Through The Ages, the first anthology from Lame Goat Press, has been read by Barry J Northern in the new Lame Goat Podcast. Barry does an excellent job – his pacing and tone is wonderful and really does the story justice.

The Stone Goddess Podcast

Barry is creating a fantastic archive of podcasts from Lame Goat publications – “Lacerta” by Jodi MacArthur, “Beserker” by Deborah Walker and “Their Dark Master” by Mark Anthony Crittendon, with more to come.

3 thoughts on “Stone Goddess – podcast

  1. The Stone Goddess is a really chilling tale of the unknown terrors that live just beyond the edge of our understanding, take it from someone who spent a lot of time with the story during the production of the podcast.

    If audio fiction isn’t your thing, then please still consider visiting the site. There’s a link to the Horror Through The Ages anthology there, and soon we will be launching a subscription service, enabling you to receive an eBook version of the tale.

  2. I left a comment for you on Barry’s site. You already know how much I love this story. It’s one of my favorite sci fi short stories of ALL TIME. And Barry did a marvelous job reading it.

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